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Whilst I consider myself very much an architectural photographer, I am also known to drift over to car photography, a passion of mine from an early age. As you can see in the folio below, my work ranges from a studio shot of the latest Overfinch Range Rover, to a DBR9 at Silverstone to a Nissan Cube outside Morrison’s.

Last year I published a book on Cuban Cars and architecture, photographed in Havana. I was keen to document, not only the 1950’s “Yank Tanks”, but also the almost unknown story of the Ladas, Moskvitchs etc.  that are a Caribbean legacy from the final years of the Cold War era. All the cars are set against the fascinating architecture of Havana, ranging from the classic run-down colonial buildings through art deco to the concrete brutalism of a planned socialist economy. www.cubacarphotos.com

I am currently working on my next book, documenting the balloon-tyred 4x4 vehicles of Iceland.

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