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To take the best architectural photographs you need the very best equipment. For this we turned to the Dutch manufacturer Cambo who have been building some of the finest architectural cameras in the world since 1947. We visited their factory in The Netherlands to see their high-tech production facility and to pick up their latest model the WRS5005 where it was calibrated to our specification. The lenses are German by Rodenstock and Schneider, again designed with architectural work in mind. The heart of this set up however is our Phase One IQ260 digital back, an unsurpassed, state of the art digital sensor producing up to 100 mega pixel images.
We also have a full collection of Canon EOS cameras and architectural lenses which offer more flexibility when speed is of the essence. Another piece of equipment in our armoury is a 15m telescopic mast equipped with a remote control camera. We developed this system back in the 1980's, hence the Cloud 9 name, and it allows us to shoot from an elevated vantage point when necessary without the need for a cherry picker.

All our post production work is done in house under the supervision of Sarah, who has over twenty years' experience in the post production industry, using Capture One and Photoshop software. We have also invested in the latest 12 colour Canon printer for all our output up to A1 size to go alongside our Mitsubishi dye sub proof printer.